Premium Winemaking Starter Kit

Just Add Water.
With Grande Maison Home Winery, all you need to provide is water to make 
6 bottles of excellent wine. No sugar required. A choice of 17 Varieties.

If your interested in starting to make wine, the Grande Maison Home Winery is the ultimate wine starter kit. It is an easy to use, complete package, that will produce 6 bottles of excellent wine in less than 3 weeks. The concept of wine making is simple and, subject to following the straight-forward instructions, the quality is guaranteed. Grande Maison Home Winery contains a Grande Maison Reserve 1 gallon Wine Kit. These are premium wine kits containing quality European grape juice concentrates and require no sugar during brewing. The result of this is that, to make a wine of supreme quality in the house, all that needs to be done is to put back the water evaporated out by the concentrated juice manufacturer and add the sachets included as directed.


The Grande Maison Home Winery includes:

  1. Grande Maison Reserve 1 gallon Premium Wine Kit 
    The premium wine kit totally made the UK from the finest European Grape Juice Concentrates. It is a no sugar required wine kit with a wide selection of varieties.  Once you have mastered the 6 bottle starter kit, you could go on to our very economical 5 gallon Kits. The Grande Maison Reserve 1 range includes 17 varieties and the 5 gallon has 21. Grande Maison Reserve 1 Gallon Premium Wine Kits, to refill your starter kit, are available from your local beer and winemaking shop. For more details on this UK-made premium wine kit click here.
  2. Proprietary sterilising agent
  3. Demijohn - 1 Gallon (4.54 Litre) jar 
  4. 1 Bung and airlock
  5. A length of syphon tube
  6. Brewmaker Wine Dispenser Box - Refillable


Makes 1 UK gallon which is approx. 4.5 litres or 6 x 750 ml wine bottles. 

Grande Maison Home Winery & Grande Maison Reserve 1 gallon Instructions

If you have a Grande Maison Reserve 1 gallon wine kit not from the Home Winery, you will need the equipment listed above.

Optional items (not supplied):

Heater belt or tray (for optimum temperature control)

Hydrometer and trial jar (to check when fermentation is complete)

A funnel (to add can contents and hot water to demijohn)

A second demijohn (for racking the wine)


Winemaking instructions.

It is important to clean and sterilise all your equipment before use. We recommend the use of a proprietary cleanser such as Bruclens. Equipment must be rinsed thoroughly with clean cold water after sterilisation.

1.       Empty the contents of the can into a sterilised demijohn and rinse out the can with a little cold water and add to the demijohn. The use of a funnel will assist pouring the contents into the jar.

2.       Boil 0.56 litre (1 pint) of water, allow to cool slightly then add to the demijohn. Top up the demijohn to 4.54 litres (1 gallon) with cold water. (This is usually 1.3cm or " above the shoulder of the demijohn)

3.       Add the Andovin Wine Yeast directly to the must (there is no advantage in re-hydrating the yeast first).  Both the Bentonite sachet (for white wines only) and the French Oak sachet (for all red and certain white wines) should be added directly to the must at this stage.

4.       Gently shake the demijohn to disperse the wine yeast. Seal the demijohn with an airlock and bung, half fill the air lock with cold water.

5.       Place the demijohn in a constantly warm place between 20C~25C (68~77F). Alternatively use a heater belt or tray to maintain a constant temperature (available from winemaking product retailers). The wine will ferment down (slowly) to a temperature of 16C (61F) below this temperature the fermentation may stop. It is not recommended to ferment the wine above 25C (77F). Fermentation will start after approx. 24 hours. Leave the wine to ferment to completion (approx. 10 days at the recommended temperature). This will occur when bubbles have stopped passing through the air lock or, if using a hydrometer, a reading of below 996 on two consecutive days will confirm fermentation has finished. Please ensure fermentation has finished before proceeding. 

6.       At the end of fermentation, add the contents of the Stabiliser sachet to a clean cup. Add a little wine from the fermenter and stir to dissolve. If you have a second fermenter, syphon (rack) the wine to this (sterilised) fermenter, leaving the sediment behind, before adding the Stabiliser. If not, add the Stabiliser solution directly to the wine. Rinse out the cup with a tablespoon full of water and add to the wine. Agitate or stir the wine several times to release the carbon dioxide gas, which will reduce the clearing time. (Note do not seal a glass carboy while agitating as it may crack under pressure). If you are unable to properly de-gas the wine before finings addition, then racking is recommended because this will have the effect of gas removal.

7.      Add the Kieselsol sachet directly to the demijohn, stir vigorously for 2 minutes then leave for 1 hour before adding the contents of the Chitosan sachet, stir in gently the demijohn until the contents are well mixed.

8.       Remove the demijohn to a cool place (not in direct sunlight) and leave undisturbed until the wine is perfectly clear (about 7 days). If left on a suitable surface for syphoning, this will avoid sediment being disturbed later

9.       Syphon the clear wine, without disturbing the sediment, into the Brewmaker Wine Dispenser bag in the box.

10.    Your wine is now ready to drink.


Grande Maison Home Winery is available to winemakers from specialist retailers.

Vina is the Exclusive UK Retailer Supplier of The Grande Maison Home Winery


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