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British DiaMalt celebrated its centenary on 27th January 2009 . The company has been manufacturing and supplying the Worldwide food and beverage industry with premium malt products for 100 years. 

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Organic Certificate- Soil Association
Includes USDA NOP

Organic Product Information
Details on our expanding product range.

Gluten Statement

Declaration of GM Free

Kosher Certificate

BSI Certificate for BS EN ISO 9001:2000

BRC Global Standard - Food
(Issue 3 - March 2003)
If you require a copy e-mail maltextracts@diamalt.co.uk

Halaal Certificate

At British DiaMalt we are exceedingly proud to have achieved the ultimate seal of approval. The official honour from the British Standards Institute is a testament of quality assurance, traceability and production repeatability and is a token of excellence throughout our organisation. Customers wishing to check of our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 status, can do so, by
visiting the BSI Global website and then by typing in our licence number 14617.

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British DiaMalt in June 2009 received certification at Foundation Level for the BRC Global Standard - Food (Issue 3 - March 2003). As you would expect from a company of our status we also have Kosher and Halaal certification. On top of this the company has accreditation from the Soil Association to produce Organic Malt Extract, Organic Barley Syrup and Organic Diastatic Malt Extract. This is the result of a partnership to ensure customers of our exemplary standards of quality, traceabilty and taste. We also have been inspected and satisfy the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program (N.O.P.).

The British DiaMalt process begins with the fastidious selection, by our experts, of the highest quality, predominately locally grown and produced malted barley, wheat, oats and barley. All our raw materials are one hundred per cent natural and undergo rigorous quality control procedures to ensure perfect results.

At British DiaMalt quality is paramount. Indeed, every stage of production is rigorously controlled both physically and microbiologically, to ensure that all our products conform to our customers' criteria, prior to release. Only once they have been finished to very high quality specifications are our products packaged for supply.

Our typical microbiological specification is as follows:
   General Composition
   (% dry weight)
Total Plate Count Not exceeding 10000 per g
Mould and Yeast Not exceeding 100 per g
E-Coli Absent in 100g
Salmonella Absent in 100g
Copper Max. 10 p.p.m
Iron Max. 20 p.p.m
All malt extracts and cereal syrups are made from natural raw materials and are free from preservatives unless otherwise specified.

Certificate No. FM 14617
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