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British DiaMalt celebrated its centenary on 27th January 2009 . The company has been manufacturing and supplying the Worldwide food and beverage industry with premium malt products for 100 years. For more information click here. The comany manufactures an extensive malt extract range that can enrich the nutritional properties of the food or beverages manufactured by our customers. Our malt extracts are wholly natural extracts of malted barley that are completely additive free and are supplied in a naturally preserved form due to their high nutrients and carbohydrate solids. Malt extracts are of a high nutritional value, with notable amounts of several of the vitamin B complexes and minerals. Malt extract is an extremely attractive substitute for refined sugar because in addition to sweetness and energy, it delivers naturally derived nutrition in a particularly suitable form for human consumption. Protein is present in a predigested form. Malt extracts contain a wide range of amino acids due to conversion during extraction and so is readily absorbed into the body's bloodstream.

As an example of the nutritional content of malt extract, below is the data of our standard malt extract, DiaMalt OCL.

General Composition
(% dry weight)
Carbohydrate 91 - 93 %
Protein 6 - 7%
Ash 1 - 2%
Protein Composition
All proteins are at least partially hydrolysed Approximate Amino acid composition of polypeptides is:
Glutamic Acid 21%
Proline 13%
Aspartic Acid 8%
Leucine 7%
Alanine 6%
Valine 5%
Serine 5%
Phenylalanine 5%
Others to 100%
Vitamin Content
mg per 100g approx.
B1 0.8
B2 0.3
B6 0.6
B12 0.005
Nicotinamide 7.2
Pantothenic Acid 5.5
Folic Acid 0.06
Biotin 0.006
Ascorbic Acid 0.10
mg per 100g approx.
K 510
P 370
Mg 80
Ca 25
Na 15
Trace Elements from Real Food
mg per 100g approx.
Fe 0.80
Cu 0.70
Zn 0.25
Mn 0.15
Cr 0.01
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