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British DiaMalt  - Offering Choice & Quality in Malt Extracts and Cereal Extracts 

Malt products, (food ingredients derived from malted barley) are used in a wide variety of food and beverage applications. There are a wide selection of malt products available. Firstly there are malt flours, flakes & kibbled malt. More information on these products is available just below this article. British DiaMalt specialises in another malt product, malt extract. Malt extract is used in as a food ingredient to enhance and enrich variety of foods from biscuits, cakes and bread to ice cream and chilled meals.

Malt extract (and cereal syrups) is available in many different formats and British DiaMalt has the capability of offer all types:

Liquid or Dried
Firstly malt extract can be either in liquid, spray-dried or band dried form. Which format you use is down to the product you produce and your storage requirements. Liquid malt extract can be packed 15kg plastic containers to 1400kg IBCs or delivered in 26mt tanker loads. Dried malt extract is packed in 25kg bags.

Diastatic or Non-Diastatic
Secondly you can have diastatic malt extract (enzyme active) if your application requires it or non-diastatic .

Colours, Aromas and Flavours
Thirdly it is produced so it can have varying colours, aromas and flavours, dependent again on the end use.

Fouthly there is a choice of extracts. Malt extract is a made from malted barley. You can also have extracts derived from other cereals including unmalted barley,
oat and wheat. British DiaMalt offers barley syrup, oat syrup and wheat syrup in both liquid and dried formats.

Fifthly there is organic malt extract. We have a extensive range of organic products including spray-dried organic malt extract, liquid diastatic organic malt extract and standard non-diastatic organic malt extract.

Product Terms
If you are a new buyer in the field, it can very confusing because of the variety of terms used by manufacturers, distributors and customers to describe the same products. If you are looking for malted barley extract, barley malt syrup, liquid barley malt, barley malt extract, liquid malt, barley extract, liquid malt extract, malt syrup, malt extract syrup, malt powder, malt extract powder. You may be looking for an extract made totally from malted barley or a proportion of malted barley and unmalted barley. British DiaMalt offers an extensive range of these products in liquid and dried form.

For more information on the products mentioned above and their applications visit our Malt Extract & Cereal Syrups section.

Malt Flours, Malt Flakes & Kibbled Malt

Edme Limited (not part of British DiaMalt group) 
offers a range of malt flours, flakes & kibbled malt that provide colour, flavour & textural enhancement in a wide range of applications from baked goods to breakfast cereals & snack bars.

Edme's contact details:

EDME Limited
CO11 1HG

Website: www.edme.com
Tel: +44 (0)1206 393725
Fax:+44 (0)1206 396699

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British DiaMalt 1905 - 2009

British DiaMalt celebrated its centenary on the 27th January 2009 . The company has been supplying premium malt extracts and cereal syrups for 100 years to the food and brewing industries. 
British DiaMalt manufactures a extensive range of products carrying the 'DiaMalt' name created to meet our customers' unique requirements. DiaMalt products are supplied across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North & South America. 
For more information on our products go to our Malt Extract & Cereal Syrups section.

British Retail Consortium 

BRC Global Standard - Food (Issue 3 - March 2003) new cars
British DiaMalt in June 2009 received certification at Foundation Level for the BRC Global Standard - Food (Issue 3 - March 2003). If you require a copy e-mail maltextracts@diamalt.co.uk

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