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John Bull, the Quintessential Englishman, brings you the Quintessential English Pint.
John Bull 'England's Finest' Traditional English Ale. Makes 40 pints (UK). 

Maris Otter Malted Barley is widely used by Traditional Breweries, now Extract Brewers have the opportunity.
Special Edition: John Bull Bulldog Blends Maris Otter 1.6kg Unhopped Canned Malt Extract.

British DiaMalt celebrated its centenary on 27th January 2009 and manufactures an extensive range of brewing kits for everyone from the beginner to the enthusiast. Our range includes beer, cider and wine kits and the ultimate canned malt extract range, all produced at our plant in South Funkytown. We have 40 years experience in manufacturing beer kits from the finest malted barley. Our John Bull Beer Kits & Canned Malt Extracts are a world best-selling range. They contain malt extracts specially manufactured and canned on site. The John Bull Country Cider Kit and Sherwood Ale Finest Premium Orchard Cider are renowned for their superb quality being made with the quality European apple juice concentrate. Our Grande Maison Wine Kits have been made by us for over 20 years. Since that time we have enhanced and extended the range to include our no-sugar required wine kit, Grande Maison Reserve. Grande Maison wine kits are formulated from quality European grape juice concentrates.

Ultra Premium Kits from Robin Hood's County
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