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British DiaMalt celebrated its centenary on 27th January 2009 . The company has been manufacturing and supplying the Worldwide food and beverage industry with premium malt products for 100 years. Throughout the 10 decades, the company has been a major developer of malt and cereal extracts and continues to be at the forefront of the malt extract and cereal syrups industry.  Today we continue to maintain a research development policy, in order to sustain our high level of innovation in both our manufacturing operations, as well as in our products. See Malt Extracts & Cereal Syrups News for our latest product releases. In recent years we have developed a range of organic malt extracts, liquid and dried oat extracts and dark malt extracts.

British DiaMalt's range of diastatic, non-diastatic malt extracts and cereal syrups is extensive but this does not inhibit our willingness or capability to develop new products or vary existing products to meet customer's specific requirements. We can manufacture malt extract and cereal syrups to most stringent and varied specifications.

Our unique production flexibility means that we can supply products to meet any individual customer's demands. Using batch production and constant flow manufacturing techniques we produce to the specifications of all size. This superior service is the result of years of extensive experience in the malt extract industry, complemented by technological innovations in our manufacturing operations

We offer a wide spectrum of packaging formats, from 15kg polybuckets to bulk tankers of 26,000kg, to suit any requirements.


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